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Trendy and Stylish Dresses to Slay The Summer

Living off with the trendy fashion industry has never been an easy task. Tracking what will be the new `in` usually troubles various individuals. If you are also one of them and are worried about the upcoming summer, your worries are gone.

In this guide, we will talk about the top designs and emerging trends that will be a looker this summer. From design preferences to unique pret dresses, you will learn all about sparkling styles. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the details.

Trendiest Traditional Designs of 2024

As 2024 is moving fast, the fashion industry is continuously evolving with new designs on the roll. But some particular collections honing specific designs are getting encouragement as they bound timeless charm. A few of those emerging or re-emerging designs are gharara, sharara, long frocks, anarkali-themed dresses, and short kurtis.

Moving on from the styles and talking about the fabric, chiffon seems to be the king this year. Multiple brands and outlets are using chiffon due to its breathable and lightweight quality. But since it also encapsulates the luxurious appearance of premium fabrics, chiffon has become the designer’s favourite. Besides that, lawn, organza, (evergreen) cotton, and viscose are also in the trends.

Top 5 Trendy and Stylish Dresses To Slay The Summer

As you have a big picture of the top clothing trends in 2024, let’s move on to our best trendy and stylish dresses design including Pakistani traditional dresses. These ready-to-wear suits are easily wearable and breathable enough to keep you cool during the scorching summer.

Moreover, they are usually made with fabric that is an excellent choice for warm weather. So, pick a dress from the list below and make your summer season fresh and breezy.

  1. Gharara With Long Shirt

Exploring the excellence of traditional attire, a Gharara is an embodiment of true Pakistani beauty. Usually, you can pair it with a long shirt and an embroidered dupatta to complete the cultural look.

Many ghararas are filled with embroidery that reflects the innocent and adorable elegance of Pakistani fashion. The loose and flappy style of sharara allows you to feel free as it doesn’t trap the skin. Hence, it creates a breathable and lightweight attire.

On the other hand, people usually pair it with long shirts. But you can also wear a short kurti-style shirt with it. It is usually made of chiffon or cotton to keep the skin cool. Mostly, they are available in simple designs for regular routine wear. But you can also find it in various embroidered patterns to get ready for the events in summer.

  1. Elegant Kameez Shalwar

Moving on to our next dress code, let’s embrace the real essence of the Eastern touch with national dress. Kameez shalwar offers you a plethora of colours, forming a palette of remarkable dresses, either casual or formal. Confined into the folds of traditional and cultural elegance with its lightweight nature, this dress is a common wear all across Pakistan.

The most common fabrics used in shalwar kameez are cotton, georgette, organza, chiffon, and others. However, the formal and event-themed dresses are made with crepe, silk, or satin to represent the exquisite appearance.

You will find many dresses with prints and light embroidery to make them stylish without making them heavy for the wearer with embellishments.

Its pairing dupatta is also made with the same material. But many women prefer chiffon, organza, or net as they have negligible weight and don’t demand much design. Luckily, if you wish to put on this national style, you will find such pret dresses everywhere in the country (and abroad).

  1. Sharara With Short Kurti

Let’s discuss another variant of gharara, namely Sharara. The difference between these two similarly named dresses is only their structure. Sharara is wide right from the waist, while gharara is narrow till the knees then widens downwards.

Anyway, sharara is best paired with a short kurti-style kameez. However, you are free to try your preferred attire. Playing with a palette of different colours, Pakistani women often wear sharara on events or special occasions.

Its pairing kurti either have a little embroidery but many come with digital prints to avoid heavy embellishment. Hence, its entire flappy design is excellent for the warm weather that allows you to move freely.

Again, it also has lightweight dupattas that usually follow the style of sharara. For instance, if the sharara uses organza, you will see dupattas with the same material or the use of a net in many 3-piece suits. But, each style fits perfectly with this dress code.

  1. Traditional & Evergreen Frocks

Frocks have always been a signature of feminine beauty in both the Eastern and Western worlds. They may seem quite unsuitable for summer dresses as they (mostly) cover the whole body, but the dress is equally popular worldwide. Hence, cold and warm weather countries have it all, where its popularity is more in Pakistan, India, and other subcontinent regions.

If you wish to benefit from the style as well, frocks are an excellent choice. Mostly, they have ready-to-wear nature. So, you will hardly find them unstitched. Plus, frocks are not just a simple cultural dress style.

This wholesome attire and truly cultural Pakistani dress depicts the real meaning of excellence. You can easily find its roots in the Mughal Empire fashion, merging it with royalty.

Hence, a frock is not just a great attire for summer due to its breathable, lightweight, and flappy. It also gives the vibes of a formal dress, like Anarkali-Themed, Empire Waist, A-Lined, and others.

  1. Breezy Kaftans

Lastly, we have the real breather of the summer season. Cleverly merging the Western summer-friendly style with Eastern cultural eloquence, the kaftan lies on a boundary of elegance and modernism.

These loose-fitting dresses are usually short on sleeves and calves. However, you can also find many full-sized kaftans as well from various outlets. Anyway, its material is often cotton and linen to combat the heat of summer.

But what can make it trendy this year is the versatility. You can have a casual print kaftan for normal routine wear, while its more embellished variant is excellent for parties.


Finding trendy and stunning pret dresses has always been challenging. But after reading this article, you have a sound knowledge and a crisp idea of what you will be wearing this summer.

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