Traditional Dresses for Pakistani Women By Rivaaj London in the UK

In the country, you will find thousands of stunning suits and apparel after each step that match your taste and ignite your interest. However, in foreign lands, such as the UK, it becomes quite difficult to find and build a cultural wardrobe that doesn’t sideline traditional values.

Here, in this article, we will walk you through plenty of traditional dresses for Pakistani women that you can wear in the UK. The list ranges from routine wear and small tea party gatherings to public events and special occasions. So, let’s get into them!

traditional dresses for Pakistani women by Rivaaj

Elegance Encapsulated in Eastern Style

The United Kingdom is a land where all fashion trends collide to create a modern spectrum of stunning dresses. Indeed each country’s cultural beauty has no bounds, but the persona of Eastern Pakistani traditional dresses has unmatched elegance of its own.

Unlike the much bolder and revealing dress code mostly found in Western culture, this Eastern style reflects the true meaning of pure class and sophisticated attire. That’s why the traditional dresses for Pakistani women are a fantastic escape from the outskirts of elegant fashion and get a feel of mesmerizing cultural beauty.

Top Traditional Dresses for Pakistani By Rivaaj London

That said, if you are looking for some spectacular traditional dresses for Pakistani women in the UK, this list has all your answers. Rivaaj, one of the leading Pakistani dress providers in the United Kingdom, has all the items to fuel the Eastern spark in this Western territory and bring you close to the cultural forms.

Chiffon Gharara – White

Starting with the colour of peace, a white Chiffon Gharara will become a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Probably, it becomes your favorite one due to the heavily threaded and embroidered attire. The sparkling attached stones and beads give it an exquisite embellishment, while the chiffon material is all comfy and luxurious.

Pakistani Dresses

This attire is suitable for special occasions, mega-events, grand parties, and related gatherings that ask for opulent dressings. So, with a pure Eastern and traditional Pakistani dress, you will soon become a spotlight of praise and charm for everyone.

Chiffon Gharara – Dusty Grey

Complimenting a different flavour for your taste, this edition of Chiffon Gharara in Dusty Grey will be a stunner. Elegantly utilizing the embroidery with artistic work, every aspect of this dress is a charmer. With a more delicate yet exquisite work on the front top, the three-piece suit will be a proud addition to your collection.

Pakistani Dresses

You can put on this dress for the same high-class gatherings, special events, and other such occasions. But what makes it an eye-catcher is its different selection of hues, soothing the sight with a soft shade of purple.

Chiffon Gharara – Blue

Brightening up our colour palette a bit, here’s a light blue gharara, whose outstanding embroidery will make your attire fabulous. Adding a touch of dark blue on the bottom, golden to the top, and silver throughout the dress, this dress is a wholesome package of excellence, beauty, and elegance.

This one will be a pick for your friend’s gatherings, some outgoing events, or formal family meetups. Bringing the true essence of Pakistani traditional dresses to the UK, the blue chiffon gharara will be your ultimate Eastern attire in the Western land.

Embroidered Lawn Central Panel

Stepping up the game and artistically blending Western luxury with Eastern tradition, this dress emerges as the show-stopper. The 3-piece suit is a perfect definition of elegance, style, as well as comfort. Harnessing the ultimate benefit of the finest lawn fabric, the embroidered central panel will do marvels in aesthetics and fashion.

Pakistani dresses embroidered lawn

It beautifully mixes the contrasting black at the bottom of full white attire, giving a spectacular appearance to your persona. Hence, you get one of the finest traditional dresses in the UK with the native’s appeal.

Chiffon Sharara – Beige

Moving onto our next flamboyant dress, the Beige Chiffon sharara is one of the most iconic traditional dresses for Pakistani women. Glistered with shining embroidery on the sharara, the dress will make a remarkable match with your overall halo.

Pakistani Women Clothes

Moreover, the dupatta is lined with elegant embroidery as well, to personify your outmatched beauty. This glamorous dress is excellent for casual and big gathering events, making it a superbly versatile traditional dress in the UK. On the other hand, the soft, beige colour will give your charisma a new adorable aspect.

Chiffon Sharara – Aqua

Another variant of the impeccable chiffon sharara is in the aqua hue, making it a brilliant and most favorite choice of several traditional Pakistani dress lovers in the United Kingdom. The heavy embroidery on the bottom, front, and sleeves, screaming for attention with its contrasting red stones and beads, makes the dress spectacular.

Pakistani Clothes

However, the real deal is its inspiration from modern fashion, which uses vertical lining to give you a more attractive, taller appearance. The dupatta also has gorgeous golden work on the aqua net background, giving your overall attire a perfect look.


Lastly, we have the ever-green combination of a pearl white dress, enriched with artistic embroidery, and a bright red dupatta to create a stunningly contrasting pair. With a delicate front of pearls and beads and lovely laced sleeves, Jabeen will be a breathtaking addition to your wardrobe.

It magically describes modern Eastern fashion, isolated from the influence of the Western industry, while holding on to traditional values. Moreover, since it is a Pret dress, you don’t need to worry about the tailor or self-stitching. The overall, elegant aura of the dress will be enough to compel and further beautify your unmatched charm.