Formal Pakistani Dresses For Women in the UK

Traditionally, Pakistani women have been known for their thoughtful approach to fashion, opting for traditional Eastern wear that is more graceful and decent than Western dresses. However, a new trend has emerged among women in the United Kingdom (UK) in the past decade. They are increasingly incorporating traditional Pakistani dresses into their wardrobes, adding a touch of elegance and diversity to their style. These flamboyant, attractive colour dresses have gained not only popularity within South Asian communities but also among other diverse communities in the UK. The versatility of formal Pakistani dresses for women in UK is a key factor in their appeal, as they can be worn for any occasion, including formal events.

Formal Pakistani Dresses For Women in UK

Here are some of the most prominent formal Pakistani dresses for women in UK:

Formal Pakistani Dresses For Women in UK

Shalwar Kameez:

It is a traditional dress worn by women in Pakistan, and most women in the country like wearing shalwar kameez. This dress features a long tunic known as the kameez and loose-fitting trousers referred to as shalwar. The shalwar kameez is worn during official occasions, weddings, and religious undertakings in the United Kingdom.

Anarkali Frock:

Anarkali is a type of floor-length frock that was trendy during the Mughal dynasty. It has become quite famous in Pakistan in the last couple of years and is well-accepted as formal wear in the UK. Anarkali Dresses range from dazzling to subtle while retaining the embroidery’s richness.


The Lehenga style is a long skirt with an accompanying blouse and a scarf known as a dupatta. This dress style was originally for Pakistani brides but has recently become one of the formal wear dresses, especially for wedding events and parties in the UK. Lehengas are known for their fine work of embroidery and rich fabric, so it is mostly opted for the formal affair.


Sharara combines a flared bottom or skirt with a fitted top. Its origins date back to the Mughal period and are frequently used as formal attire in Pakistan. In the UK, Pakistani women have embraced Shararas, especially for official occasions and, more pertinently, weddings.


Like shararas, ghararas cover a flared skirt and a short top, shorter than the sharara. However, the fundamental distinction is that Chiffon Gharara has highly developed folds of cloth at the base that make them resemble bells. This dress is usually worn by Pakistani women for functions like ‘Baraat’, weddings, and other parties in the UK.


The pishwas is another magnificent piece of clothing Pakistani women wear with a passion due to its uncountable beauty. This dress primarily involves having a long and loose top, which usually touches the knees or even the ankles, but the churidar (a type of tightly fitting trouser) completes the dressing-up look. The pishwas dress is so fancy and established due to the beautiful embroidered work and soft and luxurious fabric, which is good for marriages and other parties in the UK.

Kurta Pajama:

Kurta pyjamas are very classy costumes consisting of a shortened long shirt known as a kurta and matching straight trousers. This outfit is known for its comfort and flexibility, and it can easily be worn during casual pursuits and more formal functions. In the United Kingdom, young women are dressed formally in embroidered or silk kurta pyjamas for a formal event.


Angrakha, is an outstanding and traditional style of wearing clothes which differs from other known variants by the asymmetrical unfastened side and flare shape. Depending on the maker’s preference, it may be decorated with embroidery, beads, lace or perforated patterns or may remain plain. The angrakha style is quite popular in the UK for its graceful look and for various reasons has become quite popular for wedding occasions and other reception ceremonies.

Common Types of Cloth Used for Traditional Pakistani Dresses:

The material required for the Pakistani formal dresses differs according to the dress type and usage. Some of the most popular fabrics used include: Some of the most popular fabrics used include:

Silk: Silk is a much-used fabric for Pakistani glamour dresses, giving the garment a luxurious touch and making the fabric drape well. Eddie prints are normally used for lehengas, anarkalis, and shararas among other outfits that are popular among women.

Chiffon: Chiffon is an extremely light, semi-transparent fabric generally used in Shalwar Kameez and Anarkali suits. It is worn loosely, making it ideal for formal occasions.

Organza: Similarly, organza is a sheer fabric with a fine shine like chiffon but is not as soft and flowing as chiffon. It is most frequently used in anarkalis, lehengas, and shararas, but let us face it, it looks fabulous in any type of dress.


Pakistani suits for ladies are preferred and commonly worn by women in the UK due to the styling, the colours used and the styles incorporated in their designs. Because dresses come in various styles and materials, these dresses have remained essentials for occasions like formal events, weddings, and parties. If you like something more classic or fashion-forward, there is a stunning formal Pakistani dresses for women in UK. Therefore, do not rule out the wonderful Pakistani clothing line the next time you search for a formal dress. So why wait? Take a walk to your nearby store or visit an online shop and include some best Pakistani dresses in your collection today!